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Weezer - Pinkerton

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2000-12-15

A hit single can be a bit of a mixed blessing for new bands, especially if said song gets you firmly lumped into the "novelty band" category. Such was the case with Weezer, whose runaway hit "Buddy Holly" touched a global nerve upon its release, then got on everyone's nerves after months of radio saturation. However, it did ensure that they sold millions of copies of their self-titled debut. Which is why it's so strange that their second album, Pinkerton, was soundly ignored. Perhaps it was down to that album's wilfully non-commercial first single, "El Scorcho", which crashed and burned out of the charts at a rate of speed usually reserved for the likes of Gary Barlow. Whatever the reason, Pinkerton soon disappeared without a trace, which is a shame because it's actually a great album. Whereas Weezer had the band revelling in their geek rock image, Pinkerton saw singer / songwriter Rivers Cuomo maturing as a lyricist: From opening track "Tired Of Sex", which rants about the frustrating easiness of groupies, to the New Wave pop of "Getchoo", to the sheer, unadulterated epic genius of "The Good Life", the songs are much more diverse than the Pixies-influenced bouncey grunge of their debut. With the closing solo acoustic lament of "Butterfly", Rivers Cuomo hints at his mastery of the pop song as an art form, suggesting great things from this reformed geek in the future. --Robert Burrow

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