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Longpigs - The Sun Is Often Out

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1996-06-24

Did you know that a longpig is the name cannibals give to their prey? Don't say we never educate you. Anyway, this Sheffield band, led by the sweetly cross-eyed Crispin Hunt, sound like they should be your common indie rock band, but somehow manage to avoid this by sounding a bit deranged, particularly on the opener, "Lost Myself". (This is a Good Thing, by the way.) The wonderfully unhinged "She Said" nestles next to the blissed out "Far," which in turn cuddles up to a sweetly in-love "On And On," which is holding hands with ... well, you get the point. And "Sally Dances" is fantastic, but you won't be sure why. None of this should work, yet all of it does. Who cares how? --Emma Johnston

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