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Thomas Tantrum - Mad By Moonlight

by Lewis Shepherd Rating:5 Release Date:2011-06-13

Thomas Tantrum is an alternative indie band based in Southampton. The band first came to prominence in 2008 and boast famous fans such as Lily Allen. After spending much of that year touring with bands such as Dirty Pretty Things, The Futureheads and Glasvegas, they released their self-titled debut album Thomas Tantrum. Now they are back with their follow up album Mad By Moonlight.

The album starts off well but the first three tracks are nothing I haven't heard before and sound a little bit bland to be opening up a second album. However as we get to the middle of the album things get better. We start with the first two singles 'Sleep' and 'Hot Hot Summer' and then 'We are the People' which all once again reminded me of why I was excited to review this album. The albums eighth track 'Turning Blue' is another one of the better middle-track songs which stands out from the crowd.

However, with this said the majority of the songs on the album tend to blend into one, not really standing out from the song before it. This album is definitely something you could enjoy listening to on a hot summers day, and with the recent weather it could get a few plays, but I'm afraid it may just blend into the background going unnoticed.

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