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Maria & the Mirrors - Travel Sex EP

by Rich Morris Rating:9 Release Date:2011-06-27

Ear-shredding, life-affirming noise is what you get with this new EP from Maria & the Mirrors - and plenty of it. What feels like an eternity of battering white wrath, in fact, and it's pretty glorious, even if listening to it sometimes seems like an endurance test akin to seeing how long you can hold a red hot baking tray without an oven glove.

The title track is six-odd minutes of tessellating feedback textures, ultra lo-fi electronica and distant, ominous pounding which sounds like every Melt Banana track played all together at half-speed. 'Valerie at Tyolen' sounds like Lou Reed's inspired attempt at career suicide, Metal Machine Music, given a riot grrrl twist by feral schoolgirls wielding Justin Bieber lunch-boxes with the eyes scratched out.

Moving on, 'Song 3' starts off sounding like bhangra played on a knackered, trebly sound system before degenerating into what I can only describe as an aural prolapse. Final track 'Blonde September' is just actually fucking awesome, an MIA track pumped so full of steroids it's using its monstrously mutated ladyballs to beat out an earth-shattering beat while it leads an army of guerilla warrior women in a terrifyingly erotic fertility dance. It's breathtaking. It makes the most aggressive thrash metal sound like a neutered chiwawa dry-humping a felt ball. If you aren't desperate to hear this EP by now then give up; music is over for you. Goodnight.

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