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Thurston Moore - Demolished Thoughts

by Steve Reynolds Rating:7 Release Date:2011-05-24

Thurston Moore, head honco of seminal noise niks Sonic Youth, takes a lonely and sedate approach on his new solo album Demolished Thoughts. Produced by Beck Hansen of all people, it follows on from 2007's highly acclaimed Trees Outside the Academy. If you're a newcomer to his solo work then please don't expect any free-form squawls, atonal notes or serated drum-stick guitar noise as per his SY day job. Instead, it's a distinctly folk sound with a mix of acoustic guitar, cello, violin, harp charmed against his mellow but haunting vox.

Opening track 'Benediction' sets a precedent for the album with its mix of warming calmness and acoustics. 'Illuminate' is slathered in finger picked guitar notes complimented by a warming cello and subtle use of the harp while Moore gently murmurs. It's gentle, opulent and makes for a captivating listen. 'Circulation' is almost a stripped down Sonic Youth and could be an outtake from their 2009 album The Eternal. However, it's a mild refraction so don't read too much into it.

There's not an electric guitar within 10 miles of this album and if you're prepared to wade through the nine tracks on offer here you'll find something perfect for those mellow moments - stretch out of the sofa, stick on the cans and dim the lights and you're in perfect poise for the sombre 'Orchard Street' or the enchantment of 'In Silver Rain with a Paper Key' with its beautifully cradled coda.

If you take this on face value and forget about Moore's legacy, then this is an album which might just bring some warmth to the close of the day.

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