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Tennis - Cape Dory

by Miz DeShannon Rating:9 Release Date:2011-03-07

This highly acclaimed album from one of the hardest bands to Google is a pretty perfect summer release, with the latest single and opening track 'Take Me Somewhere' out on July 18. Full of stories of summer, sailing and love, the album is a set of bouncy but effortless three minute retro-pop songs with twangy guitar, organ sounds, lots of high hat and the graceful voice of Alaina Moore. Think of all the adjectives that'd make you smile and this album has probably been built around them.

The single 'Take Me Somewhere' typifies their sound, lots of "sha-la-la" type vocals, continued on 'Long Boat Pass' and title track 'Cape Dory', heavily leaning to the Phil Spectre way of musical thinking. 'Baltimore' brings the album up-to-date with jangly Telecaster indie guitar riffs, as does 'Seafarer' with its heavier guitar sound, but adds a ridiculously happy doo-wop vocal and drum beat. Some tracks have a slower pace, with 'Bimini Bay', 'Waterbirds' and 'Pigeon' especially evoking the idea of a 1950s slow dance at the high school end of term party. If ever an album painted a picture of where/when/how, this does it.

With much better hooks than last year's lo-fi phenomenon Best Coast, Tennis excel in this genre. The upbeat pop vibe throughout makes this an absolutely infectious album. Every song is good to listen to, and watching their live performance even made the guys around me look happy.

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