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Cults - Cults

by Amy Baker Rating:8.5 Release Date:2011-06-06

Despite the rain, summer is apparently here and if, as you don your wellies and get out your brolly, you need a reminder of this, give Cults' self-titled debut album a listen. Each track is laced with a 60s, surfy vibe, so familiar and immediately likeable that in the first instance, you may not even notice that although the album sounds positive and upbeat, it is in fact full of sinister lyrics hinting at loneliness, resentment and anxiety.

Lead singer Madeline Follin's voice is both sweet and haunting in equal measure, making it perfect for her to deliver shocking lyrics out of the blue such as in 'Heal Myself' where she spits "But I can't heal myself, so fuck you". Her cutesy tone means that the unexpected malice in the lyrics really packs a punch. The menacing undertones don't end there. Breakthrough track 'Go Outside' features the eerie words of famous cult leader Jim Jones, who was singlehandedly responsible for the mass suicide of over 900 people in the 1970s. These undertones are well-thought out by the ex-film students and add a more interesting theme that improves the album from merely an enjoyable pop record to something fresh and unique.

From the minute that opening track 'Abducted' gets going, listeners will be drawn in by the high energy dynamics showcased by the duo. Every song flows effortlessly into the next, offering enjoyable xylophone solos, bells and light percussion which bring a smile to the face and stick in your head. Although the songs don't sound too dissimilar from each other, the multi-layered effect of the album prevents listeners from getting bored or dismissing it as cutesy pop.

This strong debut from Follin and boyfriend, Brian Oblivion, is full of joyfully infectious indie tracks and lyrics that switch from romantic to cynical with a flick of Follin's hair. It's undeniably enthralling, fun and is set to be big this summer - if summer ever arrives.

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Cults - Cults - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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