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kids on a crime spree - We Love You So Bad

by Steve Reynolds Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-05-31

This is without a doubt the year of lo-fi recordings and bargain basement production. Nothing could be a better example of this fact than this extended player by Kids on a Crime Spree. The brainchild behind Kids is Mario Hernandez and with his pack of cohorts he delivers We Love You So Bad, relying on short, sharp, punchy tunes delivered with minimum amount of effort and as much removed bombast as humanly possible. The influences are quite easy to spot and they include Beach Boys, Jesus & Mary Chain, Phil Spector production and oodles of C86.

Starting off with 'I Don't Want to Call You Baby, Baby', the guitar twangs and gyrates while the most primitive drums since Bobby Gillespie's early career sortie bash away. 'Sweet Tooth' has suitably placed handclaps throughout while Hernandez's upwardly mobile vocal makes a soothing listen against a tide of indie-pop. The songs are straight to the point and don't clock in at more than three-and-a-half minutes (see 'Impasto').

The EP does lack hooks and at times I found myself quite removed from it. The problem is there are bands that do this much better (Frankie Rose & the Outs, Dum Dum Girls) and when you compare Kids to those counterparts you can hear that they stand so much lower down in the pecking order. Says on school report: Must try harder.

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