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The Fresh & Onlys - Secret Walls

by Diana Aqra Rating:5.5 Release Date:2011-05-02

For a name, this band certainly should not have come out with such a bold statement as 'Fresh & Onlys' because let's just face it - it isn't fresh, and most definitely not the only. This garage-like band has the potential to be great - sparks fly with talented guitar solos and memorable and meaningful lyrics, but their sound lacks with both the creativity and boldness it needs to earn its name and fit into its genre.

Lyrics and sound somewhat resemble the calmness and wide-open space feel of Band of Horses, but the vocals are not quite up to par. Monotonous and repetitive, the vocals get dry by the end of almost every song, where some movement in rhythm, tone or meter may have excited the listener a bit. Slightly taking on the cynicism of Modest Mouse, but lacking enough wit, the lyrics get heavy and never really bring you back up to the surface again. Lyrics such as "The walls are closing in on me," and "What foolish minds to believe such things," take the listener deep into his true 'Secret Walls'. The song 'Everybody Lies' has a fast enough tempo and western feel to keep the listener interested, but loses its flare as the chorus is repeated ad nauseum and the melodies never climax.

There is something fluid about the music, however, which takes the listener beyond the dreary picture the band paints - enough to make you see what sort of fresh ideas they might have next. There is something sweet about the lyrics and the vocals, but the music needs to pick up and follow. Hopefully the next time we hear from this band, we will be passing their names on to others with confidence.

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