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The Seahorses - Do It Yourself

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1999-06-18

Do It Yourself proved exactly who was responsible for The Stone Roses' comeback album, the poorly received Second Coming. With its reliance on sturdy Led Zep riffs, and its worrying number of protracted guitar workouts, the Roses' swansong showed rather a close correlation to Do It Yourself--the debut, and only album from lead guitar virtuoso John Squire's post-Roses outfit. If this demonstrated anything telling after the acrimonious split of the Roses, it was that Squire liked to keep a firm grip on the reins. Certainly, the Britpop staple of "Love Is The Law" demonstrated that Squire hadn't lost it completely, but it was pleasingly ironic that the ex-busking singer Chris Helme--a musician that Squire drafted in, only to lose patience with after the album's release--composed the best track, the bruised lament of "Blinded By The Sun". Do It Yourself is a treat for air-guitarists, but after the wonder of the Roses, is a sad anticlimax. --Louis Pattison

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