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Death In Vegas - Dead Elvis

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2000-05-15

A milestone in the evolution of British big beat, Dead Elvis shunned the speed, cocaine and amyl nitrate-inspired sounds of its peers for music that suggested the effects of opium or barbiturates. Not that there's anything sluggish about it; rather, it's heavy-lidded and dosed with dub for a profoundly narcotic effect. It's hard to pick stand-outs from a record of such overall high quality, but "Dirt", with its abrasive guitars smeared across a juddering bassline and a bowel-quake of a drumbeat, is truly a thing deserving of awe. "GBH" also does a fair job of living up to its title, in a lively two-step kind of way; and the overtly psychedelic "Rekkit" and "Rocco" probably sound just as good, and much the same, played backwards. --David Bennun

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