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Zomes - Earth Grid

by Andy Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2011-04-11

Lungfish are an experimental post-hardcore outfit from Baltimore, Maryland. Their singer Daniel Higgs has recently appeared on the wonderfully mental Skull Defekts album Peer Amid while their guitarist has been locked away working on his own brand of mind-expanding noise. Asa Osborne goes under the name Zomes; Earth Grid is his second solo outing.

While Earth Grid is an undeniably challenging record it is also a surprisingly beautiful one. First track, 'Openings', comes on like Mogwai at their most graceful (think 'Death Rays' off their latest album) although with a more lo-fi, rough-around-the-edges feel. There's a distorted, woozy keyboard sound running through the album which kind of makes you feel like you're in a cult 80s science-fiction film. It's a hypnotically captivating experience.

Zomes makes the kind of music that you have to spend a little time with, repeated listens revealing subtle textures and tones. Osborne is a man in love with sound itself; the drones and melodies contained here clearly a labour of love. Just listen to the steady, meditative tones of 'Stark Reality' or the fuzzy drones of 'Alec's Anthem'; it's hard not to get lost in this music.

If you're looking for vocals, choruses and ear-splitting tunes try the new Skull Defekts album. If you're looking for an altogether stranger, more reflective experience then try Earth Grid. The melodies here often hint at far-off lands, somewhere in the Middle East perhaps, and recall musical pioneers such as Sun City Girls' Richard Bishop.

Unlike a lot of music in the drone/experimental/noise sphere the tracks here are pretty brief, most barley making it past the three-minute mark. Earth Grid is best enjoyed as a whole though. Just plug yr headphones in and turn off the lights. It's a graceful, strange and darkly intoxicating experience.

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