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Colourmusic - My____is Pink

by Andy Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2011-04-04

Colourmusic are from Oklahoma and Yorkshire (no, really) and make noisy, psychedelic, heavy, groove-driven indie-rock. Take a hint of The Flaming Lips, add a dash of MGMT and A Place to Bury Strangers, not forgetting a healthy dose of bombast and plain absurdity and you'll get the wonderfully mental My_____is Pink.

Opening track 'Beards' kicks off proceedings with a wall of dizzying noise, heavy fuzz and fucked electronics - it's a technicolour explosion in a fireworks factory. 'You for Leaving Me' is a contender for the album's most gleefully over-the-top moment with its Flaming Lips-esque groove (circa At War with the Mystics), church organ and gospel choir. Other highpoints include the effortlessly cool 'Feels Good to Wear', the insanely danceable, club-infused 'Dolphins & Unicorns' and the hypnotic, trance-inducing, Akron/Family-esque 'Yes!' with its cries of, "Gonna love my life, gonna give it up, gonna give it up!" At its best, My_____is Pink will have you dancing around, hands in the air, shouting "Hallelujah!" at random passers by…

The album would have perhaps benefited from being edited down a little as its 14 tracks and 55 minutes sometimes feel a little excessive. Having said that, My_____is Pink remains a seductively intoxicating experience. The album's undeniable highlight comes in the form of 10 minute rock behemoth 'The Little Death (In Five Parts)'; bringing to mind a more danceable Warlocks with its skull-splitting psych-rock brilliance. Overall, Colourmusic have made a defiantly bold slice of psychotically inclined future-rock. The sound of insanity, made fun. Hallelujah!

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