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The Zombies - Breathe Out, Breathe In

by Kezia Coleman Rating:5 Release Date:2011-05-09

Breathe Out, Breathe In was created by most of the original line up of The Zombies: lead singer Colin Blunstone, keyboardist Rod Argent, while bassist Chris White co wrote a few tracks. It is an attempt at a 60s throwback album. The title track, 'Breathe Out, Breathe In' is full of classic and wholesome psychedelic pop vocals, and nicey nice sunshine melodies. 'Any Other Way' is a retro and wistful. Colin Blunston sings beautifully, "We were only children then, living on borrowed time". Virtuoso guitar licks flow into skilled harmonies.

The Zombies have always had a bundle of good tunes. These initial two songs are good, but not quite as glorious as 'She's Not There' and 'Time of the Season', which are at the forefront of their successes. This album has a grand total of two and half good tunes, which all come at the start. I say two and a half, as I'm not sure I completely if I like 'Play It for Real'. It's Beatlesy, and with its jaunty and crisp piano solos it can be quite fun. Yet at times it's mediocre; maybe it's a grower. The problem with this is that I don't trust growers. They make me worry. Are they just average or indeed rubbish songs that we have gotten used to? Our brains get tricked into singing along the more we hear a song. As a result of this are we fooled into liking it? For example, I hated Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face', but now I simply cant remember why. I actually have it on one of my Spotify playlists.

I highly doubt this Zombies album will be to used to make me buy lots of soap powder or sofas or whatever, so back to the point: The rest of the album is a mind bendingly shit medley of middle aged pub band songs. 'Another Day' sounds like what you'd get if you crossed Michael Jackson and Queen tribute acts.

Possibly an album that shouldn't have been made? Maybe.... Just cut off their heads, pull out their brains and leave it at that...

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