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The Big Eyes Family Players - Family Favourites

by Dan Clay Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-05-04

Formed 12 years ago and with a host of mini-albums, EPs and full length releases to their name, Big Eyes merged into the Family Players in 2004 and now release a 10-track 'best of', if you like. Featuring collection of instrumental, reworked tracks taken from their extensive back catalogue, three new tracks and a cover of The Dirty Three's 'Three Wheels', you can tell the nine-strong line up certainly don't lack productivity.

With a lack of vocals, however, the brief running time of each track stops what could have been a laboured labourious listen, instead giving each song its own distinct personality. Opener, 'Amateur Dramatics' is a moody affair, while the more sprightly 'Jack' and string-laden '

' takes over before 'Fast, Loose and Lovely' shifts things along quite pleasantly. Elsehwere, 'For Gorecki' struggles to escape from its cacophony of tuning-up noise before the well-structured 'Lewis' closes the album complete with a rousing finale.

Less assured in sound and arrangement than the similarly styled Miserable Rich, Big Eyes Family Players make a decent job of mingling within the chamber pop world. Keen to focus on telling their stories through sounds rather than words, it might ultimately prove hard to break out of that orchestral feel. Let's hope Big Eyes have big ambitions.

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