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Adventure - Lesser Known

by James Bray Rating:7 Release Date:2011-04-29

Adventure is yet another contemporary act infatuated with the epic sound of 80s electronica. The Baltimore based musician behind Lesser Known, Benny Boeldt, uses a palette of sounds and beats to recreate and expand upon the indulgent atmospherics that groups like OMD and Visage came up with the first time round.

The opening track, 'Song 1', sounds like an instrumental remix of New Order's 'Bizarre Love Triangle', and this is soon followed by 'Smoke and Mirrors' and "Fools Paradise", which sound like lost Human League songs. Boeldt creates a lush sound that is melodramatic, urban, melancholic and rapturous; he's fondly looking back to a time or place that only really exists in an American's exoticized perception of British synth pop. In short, Boeldt is a musician, a technician and a post-modern romantic.

At its best, Lesser Known crescendos to create a big sound using melodic hooks, electronic strings, samples and simple vocals. One of the few things you could really criticise here would be the weak vocals, which fade out as Boeldt relies more heavily on samples in the second half of the album. This part of the album seems more in search of underground legitimacy than the more accessible first half, but it's still pretty good.

For some people this kind of music will sound derivative and nostalgic, but it's not really as simple as that. Although the template may be very similar to 80s electronica, the schematic has changed and Lesser Known does sound like the next generation of synth-pop. Benny Boeldt is a real neuro-mantic.

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