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Times New Viking - Dancer Enquired

by Steve Reynolds Rating:6 Release Date:2011-04-26

Times New Viking are back with their fifth album and - shock-horror - it's finally something that they've recorded in a studio! However, don't expect them to be all polished and rounded, it's still slathered in lo-fi and all the analogue equipment you could resurrect from a landfill site. The trio focus less on the noise and incoherent melodies of their previous recordings, instead things are more structured and melodic, although at times they sound like they are singing in a toilet cubicle, as on 'Downtown Eastern Bloc'.

They pull the usual lo-fi slacker poses copyrighted by such acts as Pavement and Sebadoh and recycle them into two-minute-plus, ramshackle songs. The songs are generally quite mid-paced with slow-burning, noisy guitar and one-note organ fuzz ,except for the rampant 'Fuck Her Tears', which demonstrates an abundance of passion and fire in those Ohio bellies.

It certainly starts quite promising: Opener 'It's a Culture' has an early theatre hall bouncing keyboard riff and doubled up harmony vocals. 'Ways to Go' is sanguine; the smart, taut keys and rhythm section are cut loose and sound like a band having more fun and simply winging it. However, their aesthetic of keeping all things lo-level production indie strangles the songs and prevents them from being showcased, especially when their output is at times indolent and regressive. Overall, 'Dancer Equired' has too many average tracks interjected with the odd goodie and, therefore, it's a disappointing ride. It seems it's back to the basement for Times New Viking.

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