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Buffalo Bones - Hell to Skeleton

by Nathan Fidler Rating:7 Release Date:2011-03-21

Since the Kaiser Chiefs struck it big in the 00s there hasn't been much to shout about musically for Leeds, and let's face it - the Kaiser Chiefs weren't the pinnacle of rock. So how about some young bucks called Buffalo Bones? Their EP Hell to Skeleton is a four-track statement of intent.

That intent is mainly focused around the powerful and dirty riffs. Clearly influenced by American rock bands through the ages, these boys draw on that influence to create a very accessible sound. The vocals can fall short, particularly on choruses where an English growl just doesn't cut it. 'Fix It With Money' throws in a 70s groove to mix up the riffs and hooks but the spoken word interlude is in direct contrast from the singing in that a totally different accent appears.

These minor quibbles aside, Buffalo Bones certainly prove they can handle their guitars. With songs like 'Left Before I Arrived' and a slightly more precise vocal approach we Brits could have our very own Foo Fighers/Queens of the Stone Age to spank the yanks at their own game.

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