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Kitten - Sunday School EP

by Andy Brown Rating:4 Release Date:2011-05-02

Chloe Chaidez is a mere 15-years-old and this is her second band, the first being a group called Wild Youth. Wild Youth were lucky enough to support acts such as Midlake and Conor Oberst. With this in mind I was kind of expecting something like Smoosh, a duo who were only 12 and ten when they released their debut album, She Like Electric. Yet where Smoosh sounded pleasingly all-over-the-place, Kitten sound a lot more like Avril Lavigne. Oh dear. Opener 'Kill the Light' sounds like Avril Lavigne trying to muster a kind of Springsteen-esque sense of bombast. Also, it kind of sounds like it should be soundtracking some shit American teen drama…Not a great start then.

Second track 'Chinatown' steals a moody riff or two from Editors (not the most original band in the first place) with Chaidez singing about dancing "in the white light". Again, it's kind of embarrassing. Surprisingly, it's not all bad. 'Johnny Johnny Johnny' slows things down and manages to be a pretty decent 80s-style ballad. 'Allison Day' is a quiet little song with Chaidez coming on like Cat Power all of a sudden - also pretty decent. The EP ends with the sassy 'Kitten with a Whip', with the band coming on like The Kills via Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's not as great as that makes it sound but it's still good fun.

In short, some of this EP will make you cringe, some is actually quite good. They'll hopefully realise what styles to stick to and make better EPs, albums etc in the future. Can't be too harsh, they are pretty young after all…

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