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Leila - Like Weather

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1998-03-30

The closest relative of Leila's Like Weather is Tricky's Maxinquaye. Both bear the hallmarks of soul music, but both are defiantly futuristic records, warping the textures of traditional soul with the expansive production techniques of electronica and hip-hop. What makes the youthful Leila Arab's Like Weather a remarkable record is the feat of its achievement measured by the yardstick of its difficult birth. Pieced together in a home studio, Like Weather sounds remarkably accomplished, creating complex, progressive washes of sound and deft, funky loops. It's the songs, rather than the more experimental noodlings that make the album, though; Leila's friend Luca vocalises like a man thrice his age on "Won't You Be My Baby, Baby" but "Feeling", sung by Donna Paul, is the album's more naked highlight. Great things are expected. --Louis Pattison

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