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Glasvegas - Euphoric /// Heartbreak \

by Kezia Coleman Rating:4 Release Date:2011-04-04

I would argue that the works of Glasvegas are like a pleasant looking lampshade, supporting a smashed bulb. As expected from a younger version of U2, the album consists of over-produced tracks, with as much reverb and delay as possible. Most of the tracks seem to roll into the next, like a long arena-tour support-band blast. The album does get off to an interesting beginning with creepy French mutterings in 'Pain Pain Never Again'. However, synths fade in and out, creating a short and dull track. 'Lots Sometimes' contains dreary repetition, that builds up to tedious euphoric repetition.

An interesting and bleepy introduction to 'Shine Like Stars' unfortunately morphs into the standard formula: from predictably gentle and sweet to an 'epic indie blast'. The album dwells on the miseries of life. On a close listen to the lyrics, some are quite poignant. But the chances of falling into a slumber are quite high, rendering them difficult to ever appreciate.

Its not that I don't love the 'dream theme'. There have been many bands which have recently gifted us with wonderful, floaty, shoegazey, 'let's wander into a forest and think about life' works of art. I'm rooting for someone to come along and give us something with a bit of balls and bite.

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Great review. It's an almost offensively bad album.

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