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Larkin Poe - Fall & Winter EPs

by Dan Clay Rating:8.5 Release Date:2011-04-18

Completing their quest to provide an EP for every season, sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell release their final two, Fall and Winter, as a double mini-album. Forget the title though, because this is as gorgeously warm and summery as the EPs it follows and blends nicely into a timely album which would no doubt go down well with a glass or two of wine on a sultry summer evening.

Fall begins with a rockier, country-tinged edge as 'Memories' sees the pair staring firmly ahead. "With my eyes forward, I'm looking back," they sing, pitching the sort of harmonies that might melt the hardest heart in an instant. Elsewhere, 'Horseshoes' melancholy but brisk pace keeps things moving along well while the gospel-sounding 'Just in Case' ranks as one of the EP's strongest moments. After this rocky, harsher sounding opening, Fall hits softer notes in its second half as 'Spooked' and 'Fall from the Tree' bring the Lovell's smooth tones to the fore with their now trademark bluegrass/country sound.

Winter, meanwhile, begins in a similar vein with the delightfully upbeat 'Desert Dream', full of soaring harmonies and stirring backing. Add in the oddly-titled 'Taller Far Than a Tall Man', which provides the most radio-friendly poppy moment of either EP, and you've got a beginning better suited to a summer EP than the cold breathings of icy winter. Elsewhere, 'Free Like a Bird', an acoustic ballad, is as delightfully lovely as it sounds, while 'Trance' and 'Word from the Wise' both serve up swaying moments of country-pop that, if sung by Girls Aloud or Lady Gaga, would no doubt be playing on every radio station. "This is the most beautiful thing I've ever laid my eyes upon," the pair sing on the former. With their mix of country, bluegrass and melodic soul, any of the girls' Four Seasons EPs can match that claim for the ears too.

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