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Alex Turner - Submarine OST

by Louise Harlow Rating:9 Release Date:2011-03-18

In this disarming, cobwebbed little EP, Alex Turner has created the perfect mirror to the small town ennui and doleful romance of Richard Ayoade's neat little directorial debut. Perhaps unwisely having watched the film mid-review, Turner's downbeat ditties are now inseparabley wrapped around images of Submarine's pale-faced protagonists and their grapples with the full audit of teen woe. But then arguably the apathetic mood of this record is the perfect foil to a film whose heroine expresses her feelings of ardour by the singeing of a suitor's leg hair...

In several places, arrangements are redolent of a Wolfman-era Doherty (before relocating the crack pipe) none more so than on 'Stuck on the Puzzle' upon which Turner cranks an ever-changing kaleidoscope of semitonal piano-led ache. His lyrical chops are unblunted, a typically louche delivery taking his downbeat musings ("there must have been something in your magnetism/ that pissed them off") from obtuse to affecting.

Taken outside the context's of Ayoade's film, this is still an apt soundtrack to looking down into a shit cup of tea in a lino-floored, gingham-tabled cafe by the sea in a washed-up seaside town, feeling shit. And yet, there are several moments of real beauty. The time signature shift halfway through 'Piledriver Waltz' is truly exquisite, a faded dancehall oom-pah-pah soliders on underneath the baleful lyrical preoccupation, "Your waitress was miserable and so was your food/ If you're gonna try and walk on water make sure you wear your comfy shoes". The upside-down lullaby of 'Glass in the Park' gleams amid fittingly sparse production, and in 'It's Hard to Get Around the Wind', Turner has penned a salute to a sinking ship, comparable in gargantuan proportions of woe to Cohen's 'Chelsea Hotel'.

It's an a-romantic paean to the broken-hearted at the bar, but misery has never felt so bloody good.

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