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The Sandwitches - Mrs Jones' Cookies

by James Bray Rating:7 Release Date:2011-03-29

The Sandwitches straddle many different genres. They blur the lines between the fey spirituality of country and folk, and the visceral nihilism of garage rock. The twin vocals of the female leads work really well, and the two singers play their sultry, country rock 'n' roll delivery for all its worth.

The production is usually simple but effective, with lo-fi, amplified guitars, drums and The Sandwitches' distinctive caterwauling vocals. At its best, this dynamic works really well and songs like 'Black Rider' are evocative and sensual. This track in particular is alluring and disorientating, demonstrating that the band do manage to pull off their rock 'n' roll sirens shtick; imagine PJ Harvey, but from Louisiana. The electrified country blues of the first part of the album is what works best for The Sandwitches; here they're like an arty, female version of Creedence Clearwater Revival. The songs on this part of the album are well structured, and very accessible.
On the second half of the record, the song craft is more girl-guide, camp-fire singing and strumming. The winsome delivery of these later songs doesn't work as well as the charming, tongue-in-cheek country blues of the first half of the record. The vocals become a bit too unrestrained, and they sometimes sound like foxes in the throes of ecstasy, or agony, which detracts a bit from the songs.
Overall, this is a slow-burning record which has some real charm, and The Sandwitches' best tracks ('In the Garden', 'Black Rider') are well worth checking out.

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