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The Voluntary Butler Scheme - The Chevreul EP

by Kezia Coleman Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-04-04

The ever quirky Rob Jones has finally returned with a new a EP. Chevreul is a bleepy and unrecognisable splice of some of his older tracks from his one man band, The Voluntary Butler Scheme. Jones says, "My listening tastes change every couple of years and making this EP I was caught on a wave of loving all things cut, pasted and arranged, from instrumental hip hop to electronic stuff and some of the chillwave thing - but rarely flat out indie stuff."

This EP is brilliantly ballsy. 'Do the Hand Jive' is a fantastic robotic chillwave medley. It's remix by The Go! Team is pretty average in comparison. 'To the Height of a Frisbee' is smoother and sweeter. It's the song which possibly most reflects his previous works, with it's retro indie feel. 'Satisfactory Substitute' is a disc scratching, messy, and massive head-fuck, but it goes a little too weird to be considered good. It sounds like my mate's band, Daffodil Handshake, who make songs in less than 20 minutes, with as many different sounds and strange voice-overs as they can find. They have been on the radio twice, so maybe I'm just missing something. 'D.O.P.L' ends the EP with some more intense electronic chillwave. Love it.

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