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The Cardigans - Gran Turismo

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1998-10-19

Oh my, they hated "Lovefool" so much. As they'd started out as Scandinavian miserablists, the hugeness of the fluffy "Lovefool" merely served to remind The Cardigans of what they really loved; and so Gran Turismo is a triumphal home-coming to the Void. Still, Gran Turismo just can't help being an incredibly classy pop treat. Dear God, they know what to do with a chorus. Take "Erase And Rewind": played on an acoustic guitar it would sound pleasant, certainly, but not the kind of song that has you jamming your head in the speakers and yelping. But with a grossly distorted bass here; a processed vocal there; a judicious pause just before the chorus comes in--oh hot mamma! Play your pop manna to me! That key-shift in "Hanging Around"--it's cleverer than Heinz Wolff using Big Blue to prop open a door! And let's not forget how Iggy Pop would kill a car with his teeth for "My Favourite Game". --Caitlin Moran

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