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The Beta Band - The Three eps

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2009-03-23

The signs were all there with Champion Versions: A riotous cut-up of existentialist blues ("Dog's Got A Bone"), transcendent folk ("Dry the Rain") and crunchy lo-fi hip-hop ("I Know"), it sounded like Screamadelica remade in a Gregorian monastery--a masterful, if amateurish debut EP. The authors, as well, were satisfyingly absurd: four reclusive Scottish surrealists with a distrust of the music press, they prefer to keep their mouths shut and let the music do the talking. The Three EP's collects Champion Versions with the Beta Band's subsequent two releases: The Patty Patty Sound was beautiful campfire psychedelia, culminating in a seven-minute long, two-chord love song "She's The One For Me". Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos, however, was mournful, but with an improvisational edge characterised by the cold mantra of "Push It Out". A better bet than the Beta's overlong debut album, The Three EP's finds them at their eclectic best. --Louis Pattison

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