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Mouse On Mars - Glam

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2003-03-24

Veteran Cologne-based duo Mouse on Mars are by known for their contrasting and often confounding electronic soundscapes. Glam though, is slightly different to their usual output. Originally created in 1998, it was conceived as a soundtrack to a movie that never made it onto the screens. Not content to let the music go to waste, the pair have lovingly re-edited their original compositions. MoM's distinctive sound signatures can certainly be heard throughout these 14 discursive electronic pieces, but there's a peacefulness and delicacy at play that makes it one of their most accessible LPs to date. Of course, they still delight in juxtaposing harmonic beauty with discordant noise and abrasive sounds, but for the most part it feels delightfully restrained. Imagine a gorgeously snaking electronic soundtrack propelled gently by tripped-out electro rhythms and shot through with the occasional cosmic whirl, and you won't be far wrong. --Paul Sullivan

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Mouse On Mars - Glam - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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