Lo Fidelity Allstars - How to Operate With A Blown Mind

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1998-05-25

After the Brighton-based label Skint hit pay-off with the irrepressible party animal Fatboy Slim, they were in danger of being typecast as a novelty dance label. How To Operate With A Blown Mind, in this comical arena, proved an audacious debut: crafted by a seven-strong ensemble that fused the dynamics of a dirty funk to the seismic pulse of some very big beats, it brought an attitude of high seriousness and menacing ambition to Skint's lunatic party. "Blisters On My Brain" and "Kool Roc Bass" are both excellent demonstrations of the Allstars in full ruffian's flow, with frontman The Wrekked Train tossing out sneered insults and Burroughsian nonsense in equal measure. --Louis Pattison

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