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Fatboy Slim - You've Come A Long Way Baby

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2007-10-04

Biographers of Norman Cook should look no further than the title of this--his second album under the pseudonym Fatboy Slim. From humble beginnings as the bass player in prole rock band The Housemartins, through chart-topping fame with Beats International, and even a spell scraping a meagre living from writing computer game soundtracks in the early 90s, Norman Cook has done it all. You've Come A Long Way, Baby, though, is the Fatboy's culmination; the quintessential, and utterly essential big-beat album. "The Rockafeller Skank" is a manic collage of surf-guitar looped into ever-tightening spirals; utterly simplistic, but a work of devilish genius. "Gangster Tripping" and "Fucking In Heaven" are in a similar celebratory mood, but to prove that the Fatboy doesn't always work by a formula, try the purloined gospel of "Praise You", or the rave nostalgia of "Acid 8000". It's seldom poetry, but dumb dance music doesn't get much better. --Louis Pattison

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