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Beat Milk Jugs - 10 Years of Hangovers

by Alex Yau Rating:6 Release Date:2011-02-21

Beat Milk Jugs sounds like some terribly tasteless porno movie right? Judging by the album cover, 10 Years of Hangovers looks dangerously misogynistic too, showing what can only be a crack-riddled prostitute drinking bottles of bleach. Made to convey the title? Whatever your intentions are, there's a line, really, isn't there?

But images aside, 10 Years of Hangovers is that album you'd imagine yourself raving to in an Eastern European club somewhere (The band are Latvian and bring forth some flavourings of Latvia into their music) or perhaps fighting off scores of vampires as Wesley Snipes sneers some witty action line next to you. Opener 'Dvina' brings repetitive breakbeats and industrial noise that sets the dark tone. 'Gipsy Romance' is their 'No Good (Start the Dance)' with a much lighter tone and repetitive breakbeats while '7th Street' is their 'Crystal' complete with masses of overdriven guitars as if New Order had collaborated with Pendulum and added masses of repetitive breakbeats. Note that the repetitive use of repetitive breakbeats is intentional, They use it so much that it does add a bland flavour to what is otherwise a half decent progression of industrial darkness. There's not much in the way of originality either; 'Welcome to Heaven' and 'Not my Day' both blatently recycle the same riff, albeit different instruments.

If you ignore the tasteless nature of the album, 10 Years of Hangovers is an album which takes its obvious influences in a decent direction although with a little too much pastiche and a little too much repetition. Just don't expect to listen to this at all times of the day. It's suitable for going out music or perhaps the background music as you sit with your buddy Wesley Snipes on a New York train somewhere.

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