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The Vaccines - What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?

by James Bray Rating:8 Release Date:2011-03-14

The Vaccines are yet another exciting, and much hyped, band to come out of London; the group seem to be the remedy to the distinct lack of credible rock n roll in the mainstream music scene, boasting punk energy with a distinctly pop sensibility. They have BIG melodies, they sound like they're going for The Ramones as produced by Phil Spector, or that they would be happy being an English version of The Strokes. Their songs are usually based on simple, but effective vocal hooks against a wall of, slightly generic, rock n roll sound. In terms of other UK bands, The Vaccines' sound is related to that of Glasvegas and frontman, Justin Young, sounds a bit like Jimi Goodwin from The Doves. In general, The Vaccines are like a more trustworthy version of The Fratellis.
The album is full of possible singles and the hooks just don't stop coming. Young used to play indie folk and this is evident on songs such as 'Wetsuit', a very earnest, anthemic track which has none of the irreverence of their usual rock n roll approach. In spite of these occasional forays into stadium folk, you could argue that the record lacks real depth or diversity.

What Did You Expect From... eventually runs out of steam, but The Vaccines have already established a dizzy momentum within the first three tracks which are all really catchy and are sure to have huge crowds of people dancing this summer. I'm sure some of these tunes will soundtrack advertisements for lager throughout this year. The songs are compelling but they are also somewhat disposable.

So, overall, there is probably a bit too much grandstanding in The Vaccines delivery, but it's still fun and has great energy. Not only have they delivered a compelling debut album, but they also dress a bit like Joy Division, which is a welcome relief from all the tight trousers that seemed to have been restricting contemporary rock n roll.

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Agreed. Have you seen the video for Post-Break Up Sex? Really solid--

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