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The Megaphonic Thrift - Decay Decoy

by Andy Brown Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-03-07

Along with bands like Ringo Deathstarr and Yuck, Norway's The Megaphonic Thrift are bringing back that great 90s alt-rock sound. So Decay Decoy has shades of Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth, Guided By Voices and early Flaming Lips; a fine set of influences, I think you'll agree.

First track 'The Undertow' sets the tone with its washes of strung-out guitars and strong melodic punch. Second track 'Talks Like a Weed King' is an early album highlight with its male/female vocals and propulsive energy: "looks like the real thing, talks like a weed king…" 'Neues' is a meditative, mid-paced, lo-fi gem that gradually builds and builds to its shattering climax. Its wounded soul recalls those purveyors of noisy, American alt-rock influenced indie The Wedding Present. 'Sister Joan' is a rather gorgeous, heartbroken tune that also displays the strength of the songwriting on Decay Decoy. Quality stuff.

'Candy Sin' sounds a lot like Sonic Youth. The track starts with a barrage of noise before fast, choppy guitars come in and yr swept off yr feet. It would fit seamlessly into 1992 album Dirty. Issues of originality aside, it's a cracking track. 'You Saw the Silver Line' shimmy's and shakes along; it's a subtlety hypnotic moment. Don't get too relaxed though. 'Dragon Vs Dust' picks up the pace again in suitably exuberant style. It's chiming guitars, interspersed with passages of noisy abandon, recalling those magic moments on Daydream Nation. It's an incredibly accomplished sound for a debut album.

'Mad Mary' comes on a bit like early Pavement with its wonky-in-a-good-way lo-fi guitars. There's a graceful melancholy and resigned sense of understated sadness to 'Mad Mary' that makes it a definite album highlight. It's pretty gorgeous really. The album ends in more riotous fashion however with the aptly named 'Queen of Noise', they make a pretty great racket too.

Overall Decay Decoy is a pretty exciting listen and while they may not be the most original bunch of songs yr likely to hear this year they remain undeniably exhilarating. What the album perhaps lacks in originality it more than makes up for in sheer quality. If you're enjoying the Yuck album and love yr Sonic Youth than The Megaphonic Thrift could well put a smile on yr face…

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