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La Sera - La Sera

by Hiro Master Rating:5.5 Release Date:2011-02-14

La Sera is the solo project of Katy Goodman, bassist and backing vocalist from the lo-fi girl band Vivian Girls, as well as already running side-project All Saints Day, with Gregg Foreman. While this self-titled album has the same cross over between 60s girl group vocals and fuzzy guitar feedback melody, it is slower, with more ballads.

The Specter lo-fi influence is very popular at the moment with Dum Dum Girls, Best Coast and Veronica Falls to name a few and some may already be tired of it, but it would be unfair to dismiss this album purely on that basis. Opening track 'Beating Heart' really makes a mark, thanks to some quality guitar melody at the end which gives it great impact and an almost dream pop feel. In general, the slower, ballad-paced songs like 'I Promise You' are the better ones as they stray further from what's been done already.

The album, as with so many of these bands, gets a little repetitive, with most songs based around the same ideas. It's hard to be overly critical, as this is an enjoyable album, but it's nothing too interesting.

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La Sera - La Sera - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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