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Beady Eye - Different Gear, Still Speeding

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2011-02-27

So, after all the fits and fights, one of the Gallaghers gets his act and songbook together and gives us a first taste of life without Oasis. Many presumed that without the more influential melodic sound of older brother Noel the band would suffer even though Liam had more than proved his worth on previous efforts 'Songbird', 'Born on a Different Cloud' and 'I'm Outta Time'. There's no way Liam would just release 13 Oasis b-sides surely?

Well, opener '

continues the trend with its stompy but slight swagger. "Just call me the roller/ I'll squeeze and unfold you," Liam sings over a less bombastic backing. Similarly, 'Beatles and Stones' shows an obvious but welcome Fab Four influence, coming off like a modern version of 'I Feel Fine' and sounding all the better for it.

Early teaser '

truly Lennon-esque sound bring some of the first half's quality back again before 'The Morning Son' closes things in typically epic, almost psychedelic fashion with its swaying melody.

An album of two halves perhaps, and indeed, had the second matched the first in its melody, briskness and surprisingly poppy style we might have been treated to one of 2011's first great albums. As it is, it lays down the gauntlet to a certain older sibling who now will have more than a few eyes - and perhaps knives - eagerly awaiting his reply.

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