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Loch Lomond - Little Me Will Start a Storm

by Dan Clay Rating:8 Release Date:2011-02-22

There's something in that Celtic influence which makes North America and Canada Scotland's second natural musical home. If the wonderful, folksy stirrings of Calgary's Woodpigeon don't set you right then along comes Ritchie Young's Loch Lomond, a delightfully sprightly but melancholy nine-piece chamber folk group with more whimsical acoustic tales to taunt, haunt and stir your heart.

Their latest offering sees Young and co take on the former's mantle with a hint of neighbour Christopher Mansfield's

features Belle & Sebastian-like melodies and a carefree lyric to match. "We'll go somewhere new/ now we're having fun, now we're living life," Young sings with purpose.

While 'I Love Me' sounds like a Woodpigeon cast-off, the album's strongest track - '

- wears its REM influence heavily on its sleeve, all maudlin mandolin and strings combining to stirring effect. 'Earth Has Moved Again's slow but dark refrain, "We can start again," hints at deeper things, while the quirky and melodic Water in Astoria comes off like an early Divine Comedy track with its oddly pitched vocals and wry humour.

sparse opening builds slightly as Young sings over a short, sweet acoustic backing while closing track 'Alice Left With Stockings and Earrings' brings soulful harmonies and a warm acoustic backdrop to the fore. "Six thousand men can't be wrong," we're told as the soft strings fade away with a chant. Loch Lomond deserve a few more listeners than that.

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