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Pete Yorn - Pete Yorn

by Nathan Fidler Rating:6.5 Release Date:2011-02-07

You don't recognise this guy's name? Well, never mind. So far Pete Yorn has only had five studio albums, one of which was with Scarlett Johansson. Most albums were under the radar bar Break Up which was fairly well publicised for obvious reasons, but here is a re-birth for PY in the form of a self-titled effort.

Frank Black produces this time in what is a rotation of famous friends who help him out, and it's mostly to positive effect. The songs are tight and rocked up more than usual even if the song is about a new pair of shoes as on 'Velcro Shoes'. And while tracks like 'Badman' and 'Sans Fear' show a raw pizzazz there is still the calmer and more sing-along side held over from previous albums in 'Stronger Than' and 'Wheels'.

Sadly though the best song on this album is the first track, urging, "come on, come on we're gonna get there" with the right balance of urgency and rock energy. Everything else pales in comparison and fans will probably take the album purely on their love of musicforthemorningafter. You can't really go too far wrong here and Pete apparently asked Black to help him hone in on the rock for this album. The trouble lies elsewhere, in originality and exploration. No new themes are explored and as a result only the sound holds up on repeat listens.

For the Pete Yorn lovers this is just another example of his masterful skills as a musician and songwriter but, yet again, Pete probably won't find success. Instead, he might once again be overshadowed by his friends and their reputations.

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