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by Tim Brown Rating:7 Release Date:2011-01-24

As a record with excellent titles from the album itself to each of the songs, this album hits the mark. As a band of grey post-punk funky nomads still taking the world to task, songs like 'You'll Never Pay for the Farm' are also a friendly reminder that the system by which we live still needs work.

While the 'sound, guided by singer Jon King and guitarist Andy Gill, has been modernised moderately for the 21st Century, there is still an air of 1970s authenticity in the production quality which is actually quite refershing. Saying that, however, there is an element where you can actually hear the musicians age coming through in their music. For some people that might prove perfectly apt but for a trend-setting band to now be following the trends there is a certain jarring element.

The band has certainly re-invented itself again (for the second time) off the back of this album and is taking in tours across the world including the US and Australia. Those that have been fans of the band since the beginning are likely to be thrilled by the band's new contribution. Many of the people, however, who are likely to see them on their tours might be hearing them for the first time. I'd predict a reasonably high level of appreciation of the new tracks. The success of the album's live performance will depend on the level of energy the band is still able to muster and translate to the stage...

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Gang of Four - Content - Albums - Reviews - Soundblab
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