Mouse On Mars - Niun Niggung

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1999-08-23

Purveyors of blubbery, squelchy Krautrock, in the past German post-techno outfit Mouse On Mars have suffered from an excess of wibble, and a surfeit of groove. It's good to see that on Niun Niggung, they're making a good go at redressing the balance. "Yippie" joyfully patters into life, a constantly remoulding, shifting surface of bubbly playdoh funk that knocks the likes of Mouse On Mars' closest competitors--ambient technoids Plone, or the doped-out burble of Two Lone Swordsmen circa Stay Down--into a cocked hat. It's a shame, though, that Niun Niggung suffers from the same faults that have plagued some of Mouse On Mars' previous albums--there's a lingering, fidgety texture to "Super Sonig Fadeout" and "Distroia" that sees the best ideas hastily discarded, and then linger on Mouse On Mars rooting aimlessly through the sonic dustbin. Shame, because on the whole, this is their best effort yet --Louis Pattison

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