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Broadcast Sea - Lost Generation

by James Bray Rating:5.5 Release Date:2011-02-11

Broadcast Sea are a Texas based group who play a kind of heavy, alternative rock. The music is based on a well-worn formula, built around muscular drumming, rhytmic bass playing and confrontational power chords. Despite the aggression, the anguish and the punk energy in the group, the music is strangely conformist and the songs on the EP tend to adhere to recognizable metal conventions. For example, the rhythms and furious crescendoes are all recognisable, as are the scuzzy sream-outs and the instrumental break-downs.

In spite of Broadcast Sea's somewhat derivative style, there is a good deal of song-craft evident on the EP. Lost Generation is full of niche crowd pleasers like 'Stutter Mouth', but it's possible that the heavies will consider the group's more melodic songs to be too commercial.

Like other heavy rock groups, Broadcast Sea find form and assert themselves thorough the debauched and the profane, but beneath the S&M and the scuzz there is some good musicianship on Lost Generation. Most of the group's songs rise to a kind of melodic thrash, and, I suppose that's one way to channel frustrated energies. I know there is a market for this kind of music and Broadcast Sea have made their EP accessible enough for the right audience to find it. However, this kind of horror re-make metal isn't for me.

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