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Royal Trux - Veterans of Disorder

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1999-09-06

The eighth album from Neil Hegarty and Jennifer Herrema, aka Royal Trux, is something of a return to the wild experimentation that saw many write them off as unlistenable until 1998's brilliant Accelerator. Yet, despite the presence of the rambling "SickAzz Dog" and the unappealing, seemingly endless "Coming Out Party", much of this is wonderful. The 10-minute closer "Blue Is The Frequency" is relaxed yet epic and the brilliantly named "Witch's Tit" could have fitted seamlessly on their previous album. "Waterpark" is a raucous tribute to mindless 70s rock and the catchy "Yo Se!" is a delight.

They're still more likely to use a wheezy, trebly synthesizer than a bass guitar, and Jennifer Herrema's voice remains an acquired taste but Royal Trux have proved they can be consistent without losing the edge that made them so defiantly appealing in the first place. --Steve Jelbert

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