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Death In Vegas - The Contino Sessions

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1999-09-13

From the dizzying, ominous building chords of the opening "Dirge" to the frazzled exorcism of the closing "Neptune City", The Contino Sessions is a tooth-and-nail battle against Richard Fearless' demons. That's the last time any lazy journalist calls Death In Vegas a big beat act. This is the culmination of a long journey from Fearless' inauspicious beginnings--a Chemical Brothers protegé, playing records at the Heavenly Social--but then, The Contino Sessions is infused with a sense of all-conquering, boundless re-invention. Fearless has re-sparked the garage-punk tradition, and he's even enlisted some of junk-rock's old guard to help out. Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie wheezes his way through the smacked-out groove of "Soul Auctioneer", the Jesus & Mary Chain's Jim Reid hisses dirty threats on "Broken Little Sister" and even Iggy Pop shows up to contemplate multiple homicide on "Aisha". Mindless hedonism wearing a little thin? Death In Vegas' bleak rockin' beats end the party with decadent style. --Louis Pattison

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