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Campag Velocet - Bon Chic Bon Genre

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:1999-09-27

Produced by Paul Schroeder, who worked with the Stone Roses and the Verve, Bon Chic Bon Genre certainly has its roots firmly in the baggy indie tradition. There are elements of early indie dance here: "Sauntry Sly Chic" in particular is reminiscent of Flowered Up and the final track ("Harsh Shark") has all the laid back grandeur of a classic Stone Roses crescendo. But shuffling on the dance floor is certainly not the order of the day for lead vocalist Pete Voss. His snarling, dirty and sometimes completely incomprehensible lyrics are all based on a Clockwork Orange theme--a nod to the darker side of Britpop or Mod-inspired punk. Although they lose it a bit at times--some of the lyrics would have sounded better slurred--as the title (taken from a French S&M magazine) suggests, they just about manage to pull it off with more than a little style. --Caroline Butler

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