Beck - Midnite Vultures

by Bob Coyne Rating: Release Date:2002-12-23

Beck Hansen's sixth album again demonstrates his unparalleled ability to mix and match genres without overwhelming his essential style. Midnite Vultures is his peculiar tribute to the pre-hip hop American urban music of the Eighties, not a million miles from the peaks of that other wilful eccentric, Prince. "Sexxlaws" is a catchy melange including horns and down-home banjo picking, the inexplicable "Nicotine And Gravy" harks back to George Clinton's early P-funk, while the superlative "Milk And Honey" steals knowingly from Grandmaster Flash's "The Message", alongside electro beats and a huge rock chorus. Throw in pretty country ("Beautiful Way"), nasal G-funk ("Hollywood Freaks"), Tom Waits-style dissonance ("Out of Kontrol", where he asks "Did you ever let a cowboy sit on your lap?") and the relentless funk of "Mixed Business" and you have nothing less than another eclectic masterpiece. --Steve Jelbert

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