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Waldner - Found & Lost

by Dan Clay Rating:7.5 Release Date:2011-05-09

Canadian David Waldner's decision to move from his native Ontario to London recently is reaping obvious dividends, lending him comparisons with the city's legendary tunesmith Ray Davies. In actual fact, one of England's other bright songwriter's Stephen Jones (aka Babybird) invites a stronger contrast. As it is, Waldner is making the very music now Jones will no doubt be compelled to make in his ever-melodic later years.

After a well-received debut solo album, Flicker, Waldner returns with this year's Found & Lost (click to hear album tracks) on which he muses over life, love and luck in a surprisingly upbeat way. Indeed the title track itself sees him almost filled with regret: "When opportunity came knocking, I had the headphones on," Waldner recounts over a rock backdrop; musically there's little in the way of a missed note.

Elsewhere, opener 'Going Up Against Goliath' starts the album brightly with an obvious underdog theme. The nicely rhyming 'The Wait' and almost Belle & Sebastian whimsy of 'Too Much of You' lend a sweetness to the album, while 'Heaven Only Knows' adds a folksy, acoustic melody, belying it's melancholy connotations.

The rockier 'Rude Awakening' and less melodic 'In Stone' showcase a side that might have lent the album a little more depth had it been used elsewhere in places, while penultimate track 'Wilderness' flits along nicely with its piano-led ballad quality. As the album closes on the epically-charged 'This Wonderful Pain', you might be agreeing with the first part of that title; the second is anything but.

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