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Thank You Mr Keating - The Baxter Special

by Steve Reynolds Rating:9 Release Date:2010-12-22

There's a first time for everything in this world but to get an album with jackshit information on the web about a band is pretty unique in this day and age. It's not a criticism, if any thing it's a welcome quandary and rejects any preconceived ideas as I wrap my ears round Thank You Mr Keating's The Baxter Special album. Weighing in with a hefty 18 tracks, it's an ear pummelling of loud, scuzzy lo-fi belligerent slacker indie complemented with a smattering of lighter side acoustic numbers. The album oozes confidence and it's that ideal which shines through as a loveable slice of noise pop.

They lay their influences in early Sub Pop, predominantly Mudhoney and Tad and keep their feet firmly on the fuzz pedal. It's an album brimming with energy, riffage and packed with a plethora of urgent and buoyant hooks. The first four tracks are foot to the floor stuff, but when you pick up the semi-acoustic song 'The Understudy', the soothing bright chords take you to a happy place. The following tune, 'Five Will Get You Ten' is almost melancholy in comparison, and continues to maintain a healthy content of acoustic until a blast of fuzz trickles in at just the right moment and leaves you with the feeling you get while biting into the middle of a cream donut.

This is a superb album, full of a million positives. Refusing to stick to the tried and tested guitar template, they've taken the grunge format and reinvented it with a clever use of electric and acoustic guitar with all the energy of a bunch of kids who've eaten too many smarties. Joyous!

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