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Tape Deck Mountain - Secret Serf EP

by Nathan Fidler Rating:4.5 Release Date:2011-01-14

This short EP lasts just over 15 minutes and it's about as much as any person can take. We begin with a slowly swirling guitar and the mysterious lines, "I know where you go, I will find you" in 'P.I'. It's spooky and yet fairly fun. The sounds across the four songs seem to be stretched out and dragged out, sometimes creating moments of euphoria and at other moments sounding like distant lawn mowers breaking down in summer heat.

Lyrics are few and far between and this hinders the songs slightly because most of the time there is a totally blank canvas to be painted on to. They become two-dimensional soundscapes rather than genius songs. 'It Goes Down' gets a special mention because of its interplay between lo-fi guitars and stadium sized distortion, but once again, the song needs some sort of lyrical punch. Without any real centre to draw on lyrically the noises don't piece together all that well and can pass you by in something of a daze. Such a promising name too.

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