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The Lucky Strikes - Gabriel, Forgive My 22 Sins

by Nathan Fidler Rating:5.5 Release Date:2011-01-31

An intriguing album title and an effortlessly cool band name. The opening bars of the record are filled with catchy gang vocals which prepare you for an exciting tale of boxer Frankie Valentinez. There is something a bit Emerald Isle sounding about this so called Americana rock album. 'Easily, Easily Until It's Done' and 'Snake in the Grass' are two standout tracks which help shape the tale of one man's descent into booze and crime.

And yet for some reason, as the album goes on a type of migraine takes over. Turns out that Matthew Boulter's yelling and wailing becomes too much over the course of 12 songs; you can't hum or sing along with him. What should be a good knees up of roots and blues it tainted slightly now. This records tale is like an average book - you only have to be hear the story once and that's enough.

It's an enjoyable enough ride but the lasting feeling you get is one of a talent and sound yet unfulfilled. There is a confident sound here (if a little grating vocals-wise) and an eclectic mixture instruments to back it all up.

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