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Jim Noir - Zooper Dooper

by Mark Young Rating:6 Release Date:2010-11-16

Manchester eccentric indie man and bowler hat enthusiast Jim Noir returns with his own brand of feel-good psychedelic grooves on six track mini-album Zooper Dooper. You often get a sense that those still flying the 90s indie flag in the North West refuse to take themselves too seriously. So it is with Noir. In the same vein as Super Furry Animals, Gomez and fellow Manc psych-popper Badly Drawn Boy, his chief ambition seems to be to leisurely humour his own whimsical daydreams and let what he finds manifest itself in jaunty indie electronica.

Noir's songs have been used fairly regularly by television in the past, most notably when Adidas chose his song 'Eanie Meany' for an advert during the World Cup in 2006 . It is easy to see the appeal he garners in marketing departments with his breezy and infectious vibes. This time around, it's almost certain that the EP's first track 'Kitty Cat' will turn up as the accompaniment to a Renault Twingo frolicking mischievously around some half animated urban landscape.

The song is instantly engaging and likeable though; bouncing along with a big beaming grin on its face, like a trip to a land populated by gummy bears and sunflowers smoking spliffs. This vibe is continued with the title track, following a Magic Roundabout-like interlude. Thereafter, there's a bungled attempt at attracting the fairer sex on 'Do You Like Games' and a contented nod towards laying down your hat on 'Map'. Album closer 'Car' has a welcome element of Beatles circa '65 about it.

Noir isn't likely to win an Ivor Novello award for his lyrics but his roguish Northern charm affords him a certain affability. His name conjures images of a French avant-garde beatnik but there's no trace of pretension about him, except, perhaps, that Jim Noir isn't his real name; he must not have fancied Alan Roberts as properly suited to his image.

There's nothing more to the music than finger tapping tunes just because they sound cool - and that's refreshing. Full of simple hooks, it's car music just waiting for sunshine.

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