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The Twees - These Girls EP

by Rory McKeown Rating:6 Release Date:2011-01-09

Hip New York City four-piece The Twees could have been plucked from a Topman catalogue; boyish good looks, rolled up sleeves, trendy haircuts and tight skinnies, but are they good enough to jump straight onto the fashion haven's buzz-band in-store playlist?

Five-track EP These Girls is a solid, rugged-around-the-edges, if a little unspectacular, foray into pop-tinged post-punk. Mastered by Alex Saltz, who's worked with guitar-driven supremos The Hives, REM and The Stooges, The Twees' new release clearly encapsulates the four-piece's penchant for emulating their forefathers' ethos in generating exciting, adrenaline-fuelled garage rock.

Explosive opener 'These Girls' is laden with frantic guitar workouts and a gloriously catchy chorus of "woos" - perfect for any dingy indie-club up and down the country. 'Give It Up', jam-packed with punchy drums and fluid lead guitar melodies, maintains a lively tempo with a tale of turbulent love, but 'On the Spot' sounds like a Is This It rough cut - even lead singer/guitarist Jason Abrishami has a vocal style similar to a melange of Julian Casablancas and Thurston Moore, only slightly more sluggish.

Despite a roaring guitar-lick, the leisurely 'Fan Fiction' is a forgettable work of twee guitar pop with unremarkable vocals, but the EP's conclusion, the raucous party hit 'Wishful Thinking Youth', draws proceedings to an end on a high note thanks to its rapid energy and welcomed key changes - all important parts to reclaiming your sozzled breath back.

These Girls is not a bad effort. It's enjoyable enough but highlights the clear lack of originality or excitement surrounding the indie guitar pop genre at the moment. The Twees show promise and, with a little more guidance and polish, we could see a lot more from them in the future, and I've no doubt they could prove to be a big hit in the UK.

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